The LEGO EV3 Brainstorm Level 1 training session consists of building/assembling a LEGO robot following educational guide lines.

This approach teaches the student the procedures that engineers use in completing a project.  By keeping the parts organized and following instructions the student becomes familiar with the proper organization in STEM studies.

The LEGO Brick in an educator configuration

The Educational Sequence:

  • Chassis build

  • Programming

    • Motion control​

    • Switch On/Off

    • Distance

    • Direction

    • Color/Line Sensing

    • Stop at the line

    • Remote control

  • And finally Remote or Sumo control Robot Wresting (watch the video)

  Remote Control wrestling  

LEGO Graphical Programming


See the FIRST LEGO League Heading above

The next step is Level 2 LEGO EV 3 training or to FIRST Robotics at Competition.

Level 2 LEGO EV 3 training at SciTech4Kids provides a more in depth study of the EV3 and it's capabilities.  In the FIRST Robotics League competition the teams are required to display some very precise control of their robots and the Level 2 program shows the students some of the tools necessary and how to use them in a complex task.  Contact us for more information.