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Williston WireCats

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The best way to describe the FLL is to visit their website and see the exciting pictures and descriptions of the imaginative work that these kids from all over the world had accomplished.  Below is a summary of their core values and objectives.

I spent December 2 at Norwich University helping to coach the FIRST LEGO league team the Williston Wirecats. It was exciting to see the kids compete with their creations and communicate their ideas about "Into Orbit". The contest entailed designing LEGO robots and coming up with ideas about what is like to to be in outer space. They did well in the LEGO robot competition coming 5th (out of 21 teams) place BUT they came in FIRST PLACE for an innovative solution. They designed stretch bands for the astronauts keep muscle tone in a weightless environment. They call it the EBO (Exercise Band Outfit). They even consulted a physical therapist in preparation to the event.. Great KIDS.

2018 innovate award.JPG

First Place at the Vermont LEGO competition for an innovative solution

As these kids progress through the FIRST competition they experience a real world environment of competition and application of innovation.  It is exactly what they will experience in their career and become people who can be creative and solve problems quickly.
What SciTech4Kids provides is a working format for a FLL team to have the basic understanding of the necessary capabilities of the LEGO EV3 needed to solve the challenge creatively.   It will also provide the basic management techniques for integrating the various technical aspects into a very competitive team.   We can supply the tools to be competitive but it is up to the team to step up to the challenge while being competitive.  By using previous FLL challenges, the teams will learn the strategy necessary to be competitive for the latest challenge.
It is highly recommended that these kids attend the EV3 Robotics Session to make sure they understand the basics of EV3 robotic programming.