CNC education at the Generator on Sears Street in Burlington at your location with a portable CNC machine.

The education starts with the fundements of the machinery and proceds to the actual design of the plaque or art work.

     Computer Numeric Controls (CNC) are used in a multitude of applications from routers (as shown) to milling machines, to lathes and to special applications as shown below.

     The lessons are created to expose the student with the basics of CNC operations and code generation.  The student will be able to work with a design software to design a plaque or name plate and be able to machine the part.

The CNC router at the Generator is a 4' X 4' bed with a vacuum system for securing the unit being machined.

For an on site learning experience there is a portable router available to bring to a location with the ability to teach a class on the basics of CNC programming.

Check out the specical application below using CNC controls.