About Mark Sherwin & SciTech4Kids

Mark A Sherwin Sr. (with the white hair) is a 40+ year veteran business manager and heavily involved in manufacturing management, manufacturing engineering, and control/robotic disciplines.

Advisory Staff:

Mark Sherwin Jr. - Internet Marketing Major - President of Leads Nearby with 25+ employees

Gregory Sherwin - 3rd Grade teacher and head coach for lacross High School team.

Jodi Sherwin Day - Biology-Chemistry major and senior process manager at a pharmaceutical Co.

Michael Carroll-Sherwin - Mechanical Engineer with an MBA - Project Manager in Solar installation.

Test Engineering staff:

  • Seven Grandchildren from ages 3 to 13 and all smiling at once.

Mark has a serious look at the world of manufacturing that can be seen in the following documents.  Using the techniques and principles used in industry to the training of kids helps create the correct attitudes and abilities to succeed and solve serious problem while enjoying what you are doing.

Marks Resume

DOE Research

Predictive Modeling of Composites